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Leading Global Events Organiser Dedicated to the Energy Industry

We work with the world’s most renowned companies to help them implement strategic event management and organisation. With 24 years’ experience of producing over 700+ events in more than 50 countries, our passionate team of experts aim to combine creative thought, insight and fresh ideas to raise our clients’ event profile, build brand awareness and boost attendance to record levels globally.

Appointed to organise many globally renowned events, CWC’s extensive portfolio includes the triennial World Gas Conference (WGC 2009, WGC 2012, WGC 2015, WGC 2018 and the upcoming WGC2022), the LNG series (LNG2017 and LNG2019) and bespoke conferences, receptions, gala dinners and roadshows for other leading international organisations.

We provide a complete event management solution for organisations, associations and governments around the world. Services include Project Management, Marketing and Communications, Sales, Speaker and Programme Management, Registration and all Event Logistics.

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