27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018)

The 27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018) took place in Washington DC from June 25-29 and offered the most comprehensive and diverse program to date for the natural gas industry with some10,000 participants from more than 100 countries.

The World Gas Conference is owned by the International Gas Union which has more than 150 members from associations and corporations of the gas industry representing over 97% of the global gas market.

Key statistics

  • 3,500 Delegates
  • 600 Speakers
  • 310 Exhibiting Companies
  • 10,500 Trade Visitors
  • 330 Media
  • 82 Media Partners

About the scope

CWC Solutions was appointed by the American Gas Association (AGA) to manage:

  • Overall Conference project Planning & Budget management
  • Speaker and programme management
  • Event logistics
  • Delegate sales
  • Global marketing and media management
  • Registration & accommodation
  • Sponsorship management & fulfilment
  • VIP & Protocol Services


Being in Washington DC the event attracted unprecedented interest and support from US and International Government, both in terms of speakers, delegates and media coverage. The conference program featured numerous policy makers and several side events were organised during the event week, which earned the title of ‘Natural Gas Week’ within the industry.

Some key achievements include:

  • Delivering our client’s objectives of a memorable and important World Gas Conference, with high level policy makers in attendance, including US Secretary of Energy speaking in two Keynote Sessions
  • Achieving delegates from more than 100 countries
  • Seamlessly managing more than 600 speakers with all sessions running on time
  • An outstanding Opening Ceremony that included world famous entertainment acts such as the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Attracting over 330 international journalists to cover the event, including Bloomberg and CNBC broadcasting live interviews with key speakers
  • Organising an outstanding Welcome Reception event at the beautiful Union Station, as well as other networking events throughout the week including managing entertainment acts and catering

26th World Gas Conference (WGC 2015)

The World Gas Conference is owned by the International Gas Union which represents 95% of the global natural gas industry. This event is regarded as the Olympic Games of the oil & gas industry, and takes place every three years in different global locations. The five day event comprises of the largest and most prestigious global conference, a comprehensive exhibition and spectacular networking ceremonies attended by thousands.

Key statistics

  • 3,702 Delegates
  • 550 Speakers
  • 350 Exhibiting Companies
  • 10,000 Trade Visitors
  • 370 Media
  • 51 Media Partners

About the scope

As this is the most anticipated industry event which gathers some 14,000 participants from more than 100 countries the expectations and global interest in this event were very high. CWC Solutions was appointed by the French National Organising Committee to manage:

  • Speaker and programme management
  • Global marketing and media management
  • Delegate sales


This event surpassed expectations and we were delighted to receive outstanding client, delegate and participant feedback.

Some of these achievements include:

  • Delivering our client’s objectives of a memorable and important World Gas Conference
  • Achieving delegates from more than 100 countries
  • Receiving 15,000 abstract submissions through the call for papers – more than 50% more than the previous edition of the event
  • Seamlessly managing more than 500 speakers with all sessions running on time
  • Managing the scope of work in an innovative yet cost effective way
  • Attracting high level participants, with 70% of delegates being CEOs, Directors, Presidents and Project Managers
  • Successfully managing the international PR campaign

IGU’s President 2012-2015, Jérôme Ferrier, commented that the CWC team were “particularly attentive to our concerns and being able under any circumstances to propose suitable and reliable solutions. Their advices were always full of good sense and highly profitable to the event. The CWC team’s institutional memory and strategic approach were invaluable in engineering out problems and engineering in solutions that were not always apparent to us.”

Mr Ferrier continued by saying “I must thank CWC’s team for its strong commitment. CWC was a great part of this successful event. I will not hesitate to recommend CWC for similar events in the future.”

17th Liquefied Natural Gas Conference and Exhibition

The LNG series of events began in 1968 and are held every three years, with hosts alternating between producer and consumer nations. The LNG series has had an outstanding 44 years of success and they are considered to be the premier global LNG events. LNG 17 was the biggest global gas event in 2013. Held in Houston, Texas this event attracted thousands of key decision makers and oil and gas industry experts from all over the world.

About the scope

Partnering with the American Gas Association, our dedicated team of experts came on board to take care of all aspects of the organisation of this global scale event. Our client’s vision was to expand the event, create new opportunities for the global market and deliver a memorable LNG event.


From providing strategic guidance on the expansion of the conference programme to ensuring record-breaking numbers of delegates we are proud to have been trusted to grow this important industry event. With CWC’s input, the conference programme was expanded by 40%, representing every step of the LNG value chain and offered more high-level speakers than ever before. An indoor rodeo entertainment, a golf tournament with leading CEOs and a spectacular opening and closing ceremony were only some of the areas within our scope. Following this event, we are honoured to have been re-appointed by the USA team to organise the 27th World Gas Conference on their behalf in Washington D.C. in June 2018.

Record breaking numbers:

“The biggest gas event of 2013”

  • 3,605 Delegates
  • 252 Speakers
  • 344 Exhibitors
  • 11,672 Trade Visitors
  • 220 Media
  • 52 Media Partners

OPEC Seminar

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has held the Seminar since 2001. Since then the Seminar has grown in size and prominence to become one of the premier gatherings of the world energy calendar.

About the scope

CWC Solutions worked closely with the OPEC Secretariat to organise The First (2001) and The Third (2006) OPEC International Seminar which welcomed a record number of participants to Vienna including Ministers of the 11 Member Countries of OPEC, high level speakers, sponsors and delegates who contributed to the Seminar’s success.


Working on key aspects of the event, including logistics, marketing, sales, sponsorships and VIPs protocol, the team of experts ensured that OPEC’s vision of ‘creating a world class event’ was achieved.

With top level speakers secured, a quality programme and prestigious event delivery, The Seminar continues to be an important platform for an exchange of discussions from the world’s leading oil producers, operators, institutions and experts on issues affecting the industry.

Licensing rounds

CWC has organised numerous licensing rounds helping governments plan and promote Licensing Rounds to attract investors for onshore and offshore oil and gas licences.

Some of these include:

  • Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
  • Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, India
  • Nigeria – Sâo Tomé e Príncipe Joint Development Authority

About the scope

Working closely with our clients the team of experts delivered a conference, with presentations from the delegation and guest speakers, with questions and answers in each respective roadshow. Private meetings were organised between interested companies and the delegation which encouraged serious investors and led to profitable outcomes for our clients.

Our achievements

With a good understanding of our client’s target investors, we were able to use our extensive database of industry contacts to select and invite the right people to ensure high quality participation.

Ensuring the right companies are targeted we also helped our clients design and deliver the marketing and promotional campaign, managed speaker liaison and took care of all logistic in all the respective countries of the roadshows using our local expertise, contacts and business culture awareness.